Over a year in the making & TOA: Part 3 is know out! Have a look & tell me what you guys think of it XD

The second episode is now out! :D

go ahead and watch and review! you know you wanna!

well other then that not alot to say, other then i broked my PC *Big Sad* so that will explain the lack of activity i have had. Will try and be more active! promise!

anyway go have a look and let us know what you think of ep 2 :)

Much Love x

I Like Millshake's...

2008-08-25 05:10:42 by KarlosTheJackal

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What do you like? well me i like Sonic Sprite Flash Movies :D
btw i know have my own internet! YaY! So things should start moving along (well as soon as a Akradon get his net back were back in bussiness!

Some people have asked where we are with the flash animation/Story etc well i can revel that EP2 is animated about 25% just the basics in there really, very small plot but its getting there! but ive wrote up to and inculding EP4 in draft and thats comming along nicly! :)

Anyway i had better get back to writing up etc

Bye's Byes!

Thought ild leave you with summat to think over...

**Possable Spoller**

Robotnik Does indead have a heart...

**Possable Spoller**

Who is this strange fellow??

2008-06-17 07:35:56 by KarlosTheJackal

Hey Hey! My first post woot!

Well i suppose i had better explain who i am etc etc!

Im KarlosTheJackal (Real name Karl) Im 21 (22 soon!) i live in a village called Inkberrow (much to my disprovable) I was born and rased in a town called Redditch near brum (for all UK people, thats where the current Home Secortary "Jackie Smith" comes from...Sorry about her!) and i pretty much spend everyday in redditch! Im into most music but Punk Rock has a special place in my heart! Im dating a wonderfull girl who goes by the name Amy (she's SurgeIV on here if anyone cares!). I work as a Bathroom & Wetroom fitter.

Why have i joined Newgrounds, well other then saving a few flash's as my fav's to find them again, I Have a close friend in the real world (if thats what you can call it!) called Dan or as you guys may know him "Akradon" He was the author of the Sprite flash animations "The Dark Side". Well his new Sprite Animations "The Ancient One" he want's to be the best they can possably be, And we all know working on a flash all by yourself is a lot of hard work! Well Luckerly he asked me to help him Co-Author the animations. This means i will be helping him Co-write the story, Rip sprites and do basic (and i mean basic) flash animation.

Also since my main task with this animation is the script i can reviel via this "little" snippits of what will be comming up. (Don't worry, if your the type of person that doesn't what to know i will mark all post's with the word *Spoiler*)

Well I think thats everything i need to post! Any questions feel free to PM me. Just note due to problems at home we no longer have the internet so i only have access to the net on my other half's Pc or Akradon (steeling work's Pc atm Woo! lol).

Well Untill next post!


Edit: As a quick pre-warning, i have dyslexica and i am totaly useless with spelling etc lol so if you see something spelt wrong just ignore it and read on! & Dont worry about grammer and spelling problems with the flash, The Other Half checks everything i write for it! :)