I Like Millshake's...

2008-08-25 05:10:42 by KarlosTheJackal

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What do you like? well me i like Sonic Sprite Flash Movies :D
btw i know have my own internet! YaY! So things should start moving along (well as soon as a Akradon get his net back were back in bussiness!

Some people have asked where we are with the flash animation/Story etc well i can revel that EP2 is animated about 25% just the basics in there really, very small plot but its getting there! but ive wrote up to and inculding EP4 in draft and thats comming along nicly! :)

Anyway i had better get back to writing up etc

Bye's Byes!

Thought ild leave you with summat to think over...

**Possable Spoller**

Robotnik Does indead have a heart...

**Possable Spoller**


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2008-09-28 18:26:26

cool vid, im a freind of Akradon. like ur new vid


2008-10-06 08:45:01

its more than 25% now :D more like 50% woooooot!


2008-10-09 19:10:21

woot at the banner :D


2008-12-11 16:14:48

I leik mudkipz :3


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